10 Tips to Consider While Planning Your Next Event

Are you planning a corporate event in New York City before the end of this year? If so, I bet your mind is running a mile a minute as you replay all that needs to be done.  No matter how big or small your event, there are so many intricacies that go into creating something so special, like a memorable event that brings together people for one moment in time.  Today, we are going to share some basic but critical items that you need to check off your event planning list, to ensure you create an unforgettable experience.  

It is sometimes said that New York is the center of the world, so it goes without saying as to why hosting a corporate event in this ever-evolving metropolis is such a hot commodity and one of the best markets to host a function where your brand is at the heart of it.  In 2015, the amount of corporate spending was on the rise and in 2016, this amount is still growing. With so much to be done, here are some tips that will add to the ultimate success of your event.  Feel free to pass this along and add to this list so we can all be the rockstars we aim to be.


1. Select the Best Place

One of the most crucial decisions you must make in order to ensure the success of your event all boils down to the venue. When you are choosing a venue, you must consider the energy you want your guests to experience the instant they walk into the space.  Events are about cultivating human interaction and we typically remember our interactions based upon how they made us feel.  Ask yourself if your venue supports how you want your guests to feel when they are at your event.  Selecting a venue is not the area to cut corners, rather is the opportune moment to invest the time and to do your due diligence in finding the perfect spot for your once in a lifetime event.  At times, it may feel tedious, but find the joy in exploring different places and environments.  Remember the chief feeling you want to provoke in your guests, then go for the decision.


2. Practice Everything Beforehand

This may be obvious, but it does not dilute its significance.  It is extremely important to walk through every element of your event before your guests arrive.  There are many things in life that are out of our hands no matter how we may try to control elements in our external environment.  Be that as it may, we can always do our best to prevent hiccups, especially with regard to creating a successful event.  Practice, practice, and practice some more, the flow of your event beforehand.  This notion goes above and beyond arranging place settings and furniture. When deciding on a venue, keep this in mind.  Do they  allow ample setup time prior to your event or is this an additional charge.  There are so many times where the smallest thing can delay the most wonderful event, which is every event planner's worst nightmare, so do a run-through no matter what.


3. Corporate Event Hashtags are not Going to Pay You Enough

More and more people are leveraging the power of the internet for work and play.  If you want your corporate event to go viral on social media, you are going to have to do some extraordinary things.  You can create the most timely and creative corporate hashtags, but if no one uses them, they are useless.  Therefore, to truly leverage the power of hashtags, you need to create an overwhelming experience for your guests that they can’t help but spread the word over and over again. Each and every guest should feel as if this is the first time they have ever felt or experienced something like your event.  Your goal is to compel them to share your event by generating memorable and shareworthy experiences.  Additionally, encourage your guests to share the event on social media as well.  Develop several ways to encourage social media interaction throughout the duration of your event.  If you strategically plan these messages it will most likely prove very effective.


4. Keep the Candy Rolling

People love to receive gifts and one of the most creative things done by  marketers was to leverage truth about human nature  in order to create online buzz about their events.  Offering gifts, awards and other incentives to guests that spread the word is a surefire way to increase engagement for very little cost. In truth, your guests are going to want to support the event by sharing their experience online, however adding something sweet to the pot, like a free gift of some sort, will only help increase the chance of your event going viral.  What if you get the positive attention of some famous blogger simply because you incentivized your guests? You could go viral in minutes. Invest in social media activities that increase your reach and you will be amazed by the results.    


5. Save Money on Speakers

In this digital age, if you are looking to invest in inspirational speakers,  you should re-think your decision. This is not the 90’s anymore. People have YouTube and Daily Motion to discover all of these professional inspirational lectures. Personally, I am a big fan of YouTube for acquiring inspiration. As an event planner, you can save money from these lecturers and instead invest in making the experience better for your audience. If you are looking for ways to save money on your event, this is going to be the cost to consider.


6. Invest Smartly

One of the decisions that greatly impacts the success of your event has to do with how well you work your budget.  No matter how many dollars you have to spend on producing an event, it is extremely important to create a financial plan to maximize your results.  Consider your audience and all that you wish for them to feel, then create a strategy on how to effectively invest your funds prior to spending a cent.  For example, if you are hosting a family event then spending a significant portion of your budget on a celebrity chef may not be the best decision. All of these small decisions have a direct impact on the experience that you are going to generate for your guests, so plan wisely.


7. Promote an Eco-friendly Event

In this tech savvy world where every guest carries a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, spending money on paper products is a total waste. The rule is simple. Save a tree and limit the amount of paper you use throughout your event.  For instance, if you want to take some survey, host it online using one of the free resources available like Google Forms, Survey Monkey or Jot Forms. If you want to generate a poll, then do it on Twitter. Utilize all available online channels for generating the audience feedback.  On the other side of the spectrum, avoid the waste of food and the same goes for napkins, dishes etc. Also, use recycled products as much as possible.


8. Invest in the Experience Instead of the Decor

We have all been to a function where it is obvious that so much money was spent on decorations, only to be completely bored out of your mind, wishing you were on the couch watching Netflix.  The experience is completely absent from the event and guests walk away feeling unfulfilled because too much attention went to the external details rather than focusing on the people.  Remember, your event is purposed to make someone feel something magical. Your guests are not going to remember the lofty images on the wall per say, but they  most likely will smile in remembrance of the beautiful lady singing under beautiful lighting.  Yes, the decor is one way to make a guest feel special, but it is not the end all be all.


9. Add those Who Can’t Make It

We are living in the age of digital so nothing is impossible. Find a way to include those special guests in your event even if they can’t make it in person.  You can stream your event or SKYPE them in.  There are so many options to choose from, many of which are free of charge and only require an investment of time and setup.


10. Measure the Impact of Your Event

If you are a professional event planner, monitoring the impact of your event should be a regular part of your job. If you are just getting your feet wet with producing events, this is a step you do not want to skip!  In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been - and implementing processes to measure your impact will only help your performance for future events.   As they say,  there is always a room for the improvements, so learn and improve based on feedback from your guest early on.


Final Thoughts:

Event planning is so much fun and it is not necessarily difficult once you take the initial leap of faith.  Creating a successful event takes time and patience.  The challenging part is to keep your guests at the center of all that you do and to do your best to design an experience that is so unique they can’t help but want to share it with their loved ones. One of the most enchanting venues to host your event in New York City is The Mist.  Our space is thoughtfully curated and so magically interactive that will have your guest buzzing for days on end. Get in touch with us today to see how we can serve your event need. Visit us today at http://themistny.com/